Setup the Configuration File

First, you need to setup a configuration file to crawl the Tezos blockchain. A minimal example is provided in config.json file.

  "nodes": <string list> ,    // required, list of Tezos node: for example [ "" ]
  "start": <int>,             // optional, the start block from which you want to start crawling
  "db_kind": <string>,        // optional, the database backend you want to use ("pg", "lmdb" or "idb"), defaul value is "pg"
  "step_forward": <int>,      // optional, number of block chunks you want to crawl, default value is 100
  "sleep" : <float>,          // optional, sleep time for the head watcher
  "forward" : <int>,          // optional, the level until you want to crawl forward
  "confirmations" : <int>,    // optional, depth at which you want to acknowledge that a block is assured, default is 10
  "verbose" : <int>,          // optional, verbose level, default is 0
  "accounts" : <string list>, // optional, list of accounts you want to filter during the crawl, all operation non-related to these 
accounts will not be registered.
  "register" : <"block" | "operation"> list, // optional, specify if you want to register block operation, both or none, default is both

The only required field is the nodes. All other fields are optional with some default values.