MITM proxy for the Tezos P2P network.

What is it?

This tool acts as a Man in the middle proxy for a set of Tezos nodes, communicating on the P2P network.

It can be used to:

  1. monitor messages exchanged by participants on a predefined Tezos P2P network,
  2. simulate delays and loss of messages on the network for tests, and even clock drifts,
  3. play (and replay) scenarios (expressed in terms of message passing)

Mitten was developed to (re)play scenarios for the Tenderbake consensus protocol. Tezos nodes that are connected to Mitten are real nodes and execute real Tezos code, which means that:

  • the instrumentation on Tezos code is nil (almost)
  • any scenario that can be played with Mitten can also happen in real life on the real Tezos network