A list of predefined proxies with their parameters that are started by mitten. Proxies are started automatically when playing scenarios, but the configuration file is the only way to configure the network when mitten is started in forwarder/logger mode.

Each proxy contains :

  • node: a configuration for the node with
    • name : The name that will be used to denote the node and baker in the logs and scenarios,
    • port : the port on which the node listens for P2P messages (by default 19770 + node index)
    • rpc_port : the port on which the node listens for RPC requests (by default 19780 + node index)
  • proxy_port : the port for the P2P proxy in Mitten (on which the other nodes will connect)
  • baker : a configuration for the baker. If this field is absent no baker is started on this node. If this field is the empty object {} the parameters for the baker are chosen automatically.
    • secret_key : an unencrypted secret key for the delegate with which the baker will bake (and endorse) (optional)
    • state_file : a path to the dump file for this baker (optional)
  • accuser : whether or not to start the accuser automatically for this node
  • drift : affine parameters for the clock drift of the associated baker and node