Deploy and Deploy-clean


This command enables you to quickly deploy one of your imported contracts. If you want to do a controlled, refined deploy, you should probably not use this command and write a scenario (in one of our 4 supported languages).

  • -f, --force

    • If set to true, Factori will overwrite the input folder for commands that write to files. Defaults to false.
  • --network=network

    • Specify on which network (mainnet,ithacanet,etc...) you would like to perform the operation.
  • --ocaml

    • The contract will be deployed using an OCaml scenario (only use this if you have imported an OCaml interface)
  • -q, --quiet

    • Set verbosity level to 0
  • --storage=storage

    • Storage type used for the factori deploy command.
  • --typescript

    • If activated, a Typescript interface for the smart contract(s) will be generated (only use this if you have imported a Typescript interface; in doubt between OCaml and Typescript, prefer Typescript which is simpler to set up).
  • -v, --verbose

    • Increase verbosity level.


The factori deploy-clean command will clean up the files generated by the deploy command for the purpose of originating your contract. It can be useful if these files are interfering with your development.