Dipdup SDK

Let's generate a configuration for the DipDup crawler.

For this tutorial, you will need Poetry(it is a dependency of DipDup). One way to install it is

curl -sSL https://install.python-poetry.org | python3 -

Import KT1 from the blockchain

Start by generating an SDK for the contract in the current directory, with the extra --dipdup option. If no option is given for the language, the Typescript SDK is generated:

factori import kt1 . KT1Fjiwsmo49yM7jch6KG4ETLFkatF3Qj8of \
    --dipdup \
    --name my_contract \
    --network ghostnet \
    --db-name tmp \

Note: if you change the db-name option, make sure it does not contain any special characters except _.

Look at the code

First, you may want to have a look at the content of src/dipdup/src/ directory.

tree src/dipdup/
├── dipdup.json
├── dipdup.yml
├── handlers
│   ├── on_my_contract_hello.json
│   ├── on_my_contract_hello.py
│   ├── on_my_contract_new_storage.json
│   ├── on_my_contract_new_storage.py
│   ├── on_my_contract_ping.json
│   └── on_my_contract_ping.py
├── models.json
└── models.py

First, get dipdup as follows:

poetry init --python ">=3.10,<3.11" -n
poetry add dipdup
poetry shell

Factori has generated a configuration file (dipdup.yml) for you. This configuration file will make DipDup indexer track every transactions calling your contract and the big_map changes.

You should copy the ./src/dipdup/dipdup.yml file

cp src/dipdup/dipdup.yml ./

Check that the field url in dipdup.yml is

    url: https://api.ghostnet.tzkt.io/

Change it if it isn't.

The next step is:

dipdup init

This will create the python package and its structure in a tmp folder.

cp src/dipdup/models.py src/dipdup/handlers/*.py src/tmp/

Then you should be able to run it with:

dipdup run